Computer Science

Welcome!  There has never been a more exciting period for the field of Computer Science than today. 

New educational and employment opportunities abound with the evolution of portable and wireless devices.

The rise in identity and digital information theft has highlighted a growing need for skilled computer security experts.  If you are interested in helping to keep information safe and accessible,  then take a look at our new SUNY approved Computer Security & Forensics A.A.S. Degree

Are you interested in the Information Systems and Information Technology fields? Consider the Computer Information Systems AAS Degree in the Computer Science Department. Core courses give the student a strong foundation in applications programming, networking, database systems, productivity software, Internet programming, system security and systems analysis.

If you're the "hands-on" type, then our Computer Technology A.A.S. Degree is your ticket to working with those envelope-pushing companies like BAE, Lockheed Martin, 13 Electronics Inc and more! Learn those skill-sets, C++, Digital Logic, Assembly Language Programming and software/hardware integration.

Planning to transfer to Binghamton University, SUNY IT, Rochester Institute of Technology or another 4-year university?  Then why not do your first two years of your Bachelor's Degree with us.  You'll save money, while receiving a superior foundation of skills that can help you succeed as you advance to your college of choice.

For further information, please contact our department chair directly: