Student Email

Every registered student receives a SUNY Broome email account. A sample student SUNY Broome email address is publicj999@acad.sunybroome.edu. 

Students may access their email at http://www.gmail.com.

Your Email username will be the same as your MyCollege username + @acad.sunybroome.edu.

Your Email password will be the same password as your initial MyCollege password EXCEPT THERE IS A "BCC" IN FRONT OF THE PASSWORD.

For example:
If your password in MyCollege is ilovebroome,
then your Email password would be BCCilovebroome

Look up your initial email password

Note: Your MyCollege password does not automatically synchronized with your Email password.

Changing your MyCollege password will not automatically change your email password and vice-versa.
For convenience you can make your MyCollege password and your email password the same.
  1. Change your MyCollege password on a campus computer. To change your MyCollege password log on to a campus computer and press the Ctrl-Alt-Del buttons at the same time. Make your password at least eight characters long.
  2. Change your Email password by logging on to http://www.gmail.com, click settings, click accounts, click Google account settings, finally click, changing your password. Use the same password you used for MyCollege.

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