Laptops, Portable Devices and Wireless

A Public Network has been created for portable devices to eliminate the risk to the Secure Campus Network. This “Internet Only” network was established to provide a means for faculty, staff, and students to connect to the Internet from on campus with personally owned portable devices. 

Laptop computers or other mobile computing devices may only connect to the wireless Internet on the wireless public network and never through a direct connection (wall jack).

Direct connection violations may be ticketed under New York State Penal Law:

Section 156.05 - A person is guilty of unauthorized use of a computer (misdemeanor)
Section 156.10 - A person is guilty of computer tresspass (felony)
when he/she knowingly uses a computer service without authorization.

Wireless access to the public network is available in designated areas. Students may bring Laptop computers or PDA's equipped with wireless cards to campus. Wireless cards must meet 802.11b or 802.11g standards. Generic or non-quality wireless cards can cause connectivity problems. Laptop computers and PDA's are not to be directly connected to the secure campus network.

SUNY Broome wireless networks

All Faculty/Staff/Students should be using the SUNYBroomeConnect wireless network. You will need to log on using your campus network credentials. Please note that systems older than Windows XP Service Pack 3 will not work on the SUNYBroomeConnect network and should be upgraded to a supported operating system. 

For guests of the college please use the SBCCGuest wireless network. Guests will  need to provide an email address to log on.

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