Academically Discounted Software

UBMicro is no longer providing discounted software to academic employees and students.
Instead there are two new places to choose from to obtain discounted software, On The Hub and Logisoft, in addition to Microsoft's existing site.
The academic software discounts offered are not for the general public. You must be a current student, or employee at SUNY Broome to qualify for ordering academically discounted software. You will be requested to provide proof of your academic affiliation during the email registration process in order to take advantage of the academic pricing available for students and academic employees.
For Faculty/Staff
If you are faculty/staff looking for Microsoft software, you will need to purchase it from the  On The Hub site as they alone can distribute our work at home Microsoft products for our agreement and thus is the least expensive. All other software that is available is listed at the sites below.
For Students
If you are a student looking for Microsoft software, you need to purchase directly from Microsoft at http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/html/pbpage.Windows_8_Pro All other software that is available is listed at the sites below.
On The Hub

1. Go to  On The Hub
2. Click sign-in
3. Register
4. You will enter your SUNY Broome email address and click "Continue"
5. Finish your registration information and click "Register"
6. Check your SUNY Broome email for On The Hub account activation.



1. Go to  www.Deals4Edu.com
2. Create an Account (link is on the top over the banner ad)
3. Then they would Click on  www.Deals4Edu.com
4. They would then select College/University
5. State
6. School

Additional: Students only, not faculty can choose to electronically verify with the Eduverify option. This will require them to add in their social security number to check against their enrollment with the National Student Clearinghouse. Logisoft does not see any of the information and it is not stored. This allows them to get verified immediately.