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Grants Planning

Your Grants Planning Team

The BCC Grants Planning Team mission is to help you develop projects that will gain funding and enhance our campus learning environment.


The Grant Process at BCC

Step 1: Develop a project idea to address an evidence-based need in your area. Seek input from your peers and department chair. Complete a Project Concept Form and a Project Expense Spreadsheet. Review the job descriptions for being a Grant Director.

Step 2: Your chair/director signs the forms and forwards them to the Dean/Director for review. If approved, the Dean/Director sends the form on for VP review.

Step 3: Once the VP reviews and signs the form the Dean forwards a copy of the Project Concept and Project Expense Spreadsheet to the Grants Planning Team chair.

Step 4: The project is placed on the GPT agenda for discussion at the next monthly meeting. The Team may ask the Project Initiator and the Dean to attend. Afterward, you might need to meet with key campus personnel to further develop areas of your concept.

Step 5: The Project Concept Form and Project Expense Spreadsheet is forwarded to Executive Council for review.

Step 6: The Executive Council reviews the concept and decides whether to approve it to seek funding. A list of contacts will be provided if additional questions need to be addressed.

Step 7: The GPT helps identify potential funding sources and works with you to submit the grant application.

Process After Grant is Awarded

Step 1: Grant Director and Sponsored Programs Director meet face-to-face for a review of the specific award.

Step 2: Sponsored Program Director tracks the award through the final college pathway for executive approval.

Step 3: Grant Director works with the Sponsored Programs Director to finalize timeline, create Banner budget record using Banner Budget Querying Guide, create grant contract and submit into the established approval process. Work with Sponsored Programs Director on any needed revisions to program or budget.

Step 4: Grant Director implements grant activities and submit reports, according to established timeline.

Step 5: Grant Director meets with Sponsored Program Director to do a BCC Outcomes Assessment. Use the grantor's directions for preparation of the final report. (See the BCCF final report guidelines 11-2010 for an example of how to prepare a final report.)


Project Concept Form
Use this form to develop your concept. After it is reviewed and approved by your dean and the VPAA you will submit it to the Grants Planning Team.

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