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Department of Sponsored Programs

Shelli Cordisco
Wales 209

Karen Hodel
Wales 205

Grants Planning Team Members

2014 - 2015


Shelli Cordisco
Chair of Grants Planning Team/Director Sponsored Programs, x5222

Francis Battisti, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer, x5138

Regina Losinger
Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, x5040

Debra Morello
Vice President for Student & Economic Development, x5199

Lynn Fedorchak
Human Resources Officer, x5319

Jeanette Tillotson
Associate Vice President and Controller, x5291

Michael Kinney, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President and Dean of Liberal Arts/LAC, x5021  

Kelli Ligeikis, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President and Dean of STEM, x5089

Beth Mollen
Associate Vice President and Dean of Business & Professional Studies/Academic Services, x5008

Andrea Wade, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President and Dean of Health Sciences/Distance Learning (TRC), x5014

John Petkash
Director of Information Technology Services, x5011

Robin Petrus
Director of LAC/LRC, x5201

Jesse Wells
Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Information, x5296

Phil Testa
Director of Campus Operations, x5575

Barry Petersen
Assistant to Director of Campus Operations, x5007

Lawrence Allen
Budget and Institutional Effectiveness Specialist, x5198

Executive Director, BCC Foundation, x5405