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Department of Sponsored Programs

Shelli Cordisco
Wales 209

Karen Hodel
Wales 205

Proposed Projects & Grant Applications Pending:

Scholarships for Engineering Technology 

Application made to NSF S-STEM program in August 2012. Program would provide substantial scholarship aid to students in Engineering Technology programs, as well as mentoring and other enrichment activities. Determination anticipated in January 2013.


Digital Radiographic Equipment Upgrade

Application made to Empire State Development in June 2012 for $270,000 to provide Radiologic Tech program with a state-of-the-art digital radiography lab on campus. Selected as a priority project by Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council. Determination expected in December.


USAID - Community College Initiative

BCC was invited to participate as a potential host campus in Georgetown University's application for this international student scholarship program. A cohort of 8-16 international students from very diverse backgrounds would be enrolled for one-year at BCC in various academic programs. Determination expected in January.


RAMP UP NY & Retooling the Southern Tier

BCC participated in two consortium applications for the second round of SUNY 2020 Challenge Grant funds this fall, with the aim of securing funds to upgrade facilities, equipment and curriculum related to advanced manufacturing. Determination expected early in 2013.