Contact the Office of Special Events:

P: 607-778-5296


The Office of Special Events does not provide photography for events. The college does not employ a campus photographer.

The Marketing and Communications department will occasionally deploy a graphic designer to gather images for specific use on the web or in printed publications.

Need to sign out a camera to take some shots of your event? Visit the ITS/Media Services area in the Business Building or call them at ext. 5011.


Video Taping is not a Special Events service. The Marketing and Communications department (MarCom) handles Video Production projects. Projects forms must be filled out for ANY type of video taping. NOTE: With the exception of rare cases (such as a grand opening or major announcement), MarCom does not video tape for archival purposes, the creation of classroom materials, or to develop post conference or workshop supplements. MarCom will occasionally video tape events or setup equipment for live streaming. These productions are specifically for planned use as marketing or communications material. Video editing of any kind is very labor intensive, and all productions must be approved through the "Start a Project" process.

Planning Your Campus Event

Event Info/Request Form

Make your event an "Official Campus Event". Contact the Office of Special Events!

Any successful event requires planning, clear communication between departments, careful scheduling, and consideration for other events taking place across campus.

The Office of Special Events will help you plan, promote, setup, and implement your events. We provide a host of services for all kinds of College-hosted events, from webinars, media events, workshops, and concerts… to conferences and seminars.

Upon request, Special Events will help with all aspects of planning and coordination, including:

  • scheduling
  • coordination with Maintenance for facility preperation and setups
  • coordination with ITS for technical support, multimedia system usage, and networking needs
  • coordination of parking and Security
  • coordination with Public Affairs news releases and event promotion
  • coordination with Marketing and Communications for print and web graphic design needs
  • room layouts
  • live sound and lighting setups
  • arrangements for external services (such as catering, equipment rental, or other contracted services)
  • multimedia presentation design


Events come in all sizes!

What type of event are you having?

It’s very important to note that there are many different levels of events. Also, each requires special consideration. Some events require very little planning and preparation, while others require a significant level of detail, scheduling, and involvement by various departments on campus.

All Events require submission of this Event Request Form
Level 2 and 3 events will require:

  • signatures
  • an additional meeting

Please consider the following descriptions of Level 1, 2, and 3 events.

Third Party Events

The Office of Special Events is a resource for college office and departments only. Campus Facility rentals, events initiated by external agencies, and or co-sponsored events, may be directed to additional campus offices for further discussion. 

Classroom Support and Meetings

Event planning services are primarily intended for single occurrence events with special needs, or large scale annual events. Having a meeting in a campus conference room? Hosting an academic event in the classroom? Need some help with a pre-installed multimedia system? Please contact our Technical Services department (X 5011), or put in a CSR.