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High School Preparation for College

This information does not cover all college's specific admission entrance requirements, but does provide general recommendations for students. Please contact the Admissions Office at the college or university you plan to attend for specific entrance requirements.

New York State High School Graduation Requirements Vs. College Readiness

Did you know that in NYS, students are only required to take 3 years of math and science for a Regents Diploma? Yet, 2012 data show that NYS is NOT on track to getting all students the science and math (and technology & engineering) skills they need to succeed in college and careers?

The College Board, students are "college ready" when they have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to complete a college course of study successfully, without remediation.

The facts show that more than 33% of full-time college and university students need remedial classes that cover what they should have learned in high school. (

Bottom Line? STEPUP recommends that students take 4 years of math and science while in high school!

What courses should I take in high school?

Types of College Degrees

  • Associate’s Degree - an undergraduate degree granted by two-year colleges, approx. 64 credits
  • Bachelor’s Degree - an undergraduate degree granted by a college or university, approx. 120 credits
  • Master’s Degree - a degree granted to those who complete at least one year of prescribed study beyond the bachelor's, 36+ credits
  • Doctoral Degree - the highest academic degree (Ph.D, Ed.D, etc.)
  • Professional Degrees - a college degree that enables one to work in a specific profession, often required for the profession (MD or medical doctorate, JD or Juris Doctor, DDS or doctor of dental surgery, etc.)
  • PhD in fields like psychology or pharmacology)

K-12 Timeline of what to do/when

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