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Southern Tier Educational Pipeline United Partnership

The Southern Tier Educational Pipeline United Partnership (STEPUP) is a business-education collaboration formed to increase educational outcomes at all stages of the educational continuum. STEPUP consists of several dozen local professionals from business, K-12, higher education, and non-profit sectors, and aims to institutionalize best practices and create alliances to help students from cradle to college to career.

Did You Know...?

For every 100 ninth graders in New York:

  • 57 will graduate from high school on time with their peers. Of those ...
  • 41 will immediately enter college. Of those ...
  • 31 will still be enrolled in college by their second year. Of those ...
  • 21 will need three or more remedial college classes. Of those ...
  • 19 will graduate from college with an Associate’s Degree within 3 years or a Bachelor’s Degree within 6 years. (http://www.suny.edu/educationpipeline/)

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