Instructional Resources

The mission of the Teaching Resource Center is to provide instructors with the best practical information about teaching and learning.


This Presentation details some of the services and support we provide in the Teaching Resource Center


The goals of the TRC are to:

  • Encourage the exploration and use of instructional technologies that enhance the learning environment
  • Provide training and instruction on a variety of technical-pedagogical tasks
  • Support faculty in continuous skill development in technology and pedagogy
  • Foster a professional community of full-time and adjunct faculty
  • Encourage communication beyond training, that helps faculty find support and answers among their peers
  • Increase the professional stature of community college teaching
  • Support, through many means, the mission of Broome Community College and the Division of Academic Affairs


The purpose of this Website is to centralize resources to help instructors positively impact student learning.

If you are looking for information about ANGEL online courses, please click here at the Online@SUNYBroome.