Lovestruck, An Evening of Romance

Fall 2010

Left to right back row: Cast members Brooke Shadduck, Adam Sirois, Brandie Knecht, Anthony Messersmith, Tom Larison, Brionna Cicak, Lianna Hill and Stage Manager Gayani Bulanthingsala Bottom left to right: Professor/Director Katherine Bacon, Ben Sperduti, Samantha Rollins and in front is Ethan Doane

BCC theater will present its fall production on Friday and Saturday, November 19 & 20 at 7:00 PM in the Little Theater. Lovestruck; An Evening of Romance will include five short comedic plays headlined by the hilarious Welcome to the Moon by John Patrick Shanley (author of the Oscar- winning film Moonstruck and Pulitzer Prize- winning play Doubt). The Red Coat, A Lonely Impulse of Delight and Out West also by Shanley are presented as well as the delightful Brights by David Smilow. The evening will also feature songs, quotes and original material by the cast of 12 on the subject of love in all its manifestations.