Additional Advisement Information

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Add/Drops (Schedule Adjustments):

Before the semester begins, students can change their schedule online through MyCollege. After the semester begins, students need to complete an Add/Drop Form, get it signed by their Advisor and have it processed at the Registrar.  Telling the instructor is NOT sufficient notice of dropping the course.

Changing Your Program:

Students wishing to change their program must complete a Change of Program Form which is available at the Registrar or at the student's academic department. It is recommended that students who are thinking about changing their program meet with their new academic department first to review new program requirements, length of time to complete the new program and financial aid implications.  After the student meets with their new academic department, the student will need to get approval from their present academic department before submitting the Change of Program form to the Registrar.

Closed Courses:

Students wishing to register for a closed course section will need to obtain approval of the department chair offering the course.

Online Courses:

For more information about online courses, including blended learning, visit the Online Academy.

Registration Holds:

Academic and administrative offices can place HOLDS on students' registration which prevent registering or changing your registration schedule. HOLDS are placed for a variety of reasons (academic, financial, etc.). Failure to meet a payment deadline will result in a financial HOLD,  which will prevent adds and drops for a registered student.  Students must clear each HOLD with the office involved before attempting to register. If a HOLD is placed on a student's registration after the student has registered, the student's registration will NOT be automatically cancelled. However, the student will not have access to adjust their schedule or to register for subsequent terms until the HOLD is cleared. If a student has a HOLD and needs to drop or withdraw from a course, the student should contact the Registrar's Office at (607) 778-5027 (SS105).     Students can check their HOLDS through MyCollege.

Repeating Courses:

Permission of a student's Advisor is required in order to:

  1. repeat a failed course more than once.
  2. repeat a course in which you earned a passing grade

If a course is repeated, the higher grade will be included in the cumulative grade point average. The higher grade will be used towards the graduation requirements. All grades will appear on the student's transcript. A course in which a grade of "W" was previously received is not considered a repeat. Students repeating a course they have already passed (a "D" grade or better) may not be able to use that course as part of their calculation for full-time status for financial aid purposes. Students should check with the Office of Financial Aid before registering for the repeat course.

Credit Overloads:

Students wishing to take more than 20 credits in a fall or spring semester must obtain written approval from the Dean of their academic division.

Transfer Credit:

Students completing courses taken at another college may be eligible for transfer credit. In order for BCC to evaluate a student's transfer credit, the student needs to request that an official transcript be sent directly from the college to the BCC Office of Admissions. For more information, the student should see their Advisor or their academic department. Once a student's transfer credit has been evaluated and posted to the student's academic records, students can view it on MyCollege under their Academic Transcript. To see how transfer credit is applied to the student's degree or certificate program, a Degree Evaluation can be run and reviewed by the student through MyCollege.

Withdrawing from All Courses:

Before the semester starts, students can withdraw from all your courses online through MyCollege by using the Add/Drop option. After the semester starts, the student needs to complete an Add/Drop Form, have it signed by their Advisor and then take it to Room 210 (778-5421) in the Student Services Building where additional paperwork will need to be completed. Withdrawing from college may require students to repay some or all of their financial obligations. A counselor will assist students in that determination.  Students interested in a medical withdrawal need to start this process with their academic department. Once a student withdrawals from BCC, he or she will need to re-apply for admission if the student decides to come back in a future semester.

Writing Emphasis (W or WRIT) Courses:

What is a W course? A W course is a Writing-Emphasis course and is a course in a discipline other than English (ENG courses are not W courses) in which students use writing to think and to learn as well as to communicate. Writing about the subject matter is integral to the course.

A student must successfully complete two (2) W courses to fulfill degree requirements. The W courses follow ENG 110 College Writing I. Many degree programs have W courses already built into the graduation requirements. Students should ask their Advisor if they have questions regarding W courses. Students can search for Writing Emphasis courses on the course schedule by selecting the attribute type of  "Writing Emphasis Course."