Early Alert Program

What is Early Alert?

The Early Alert Program at Broome Community College is a collaborative campus-wide effort involving students, faculty, advisors, counselors and academic support services.    Early awareness of existing and potential student academic issues is seen as a backbone to improving student retention and success.  Using the Early Alert Program, faculty can be proactive, supportive and committed to our students’ overall success.    The Program is designed to be non-threatening and informative to students. 

The goals of the Early Alert Program are to:

  • Provide faculty with a means to identify at-risk students early in the semester
  • Increase communication between students and faculty
  • Refer students to appropriate college resources based on their needs
  • Actively assist students in become academically successful
  • Increase student utilization of academic services

Reasons students are referred:

  • Poor attendance or tardiness
  • Missed tests/quizzes
  • Exhibits a low level of engagement
  • Failure to obtain required textbook and/or course materials
  • Submits substandard work
  • Exhibits a low level of reading comprehension
  • Experiencing academic or personal difficulties that are interfering with classroom success
  • Exhibiting inappropriate behavior that warrants concern
  • Is not performing well on tests/quizzes
  • Has never attended the course

Early Alert Information For...