Budget and Finance Office

Phone:  607-778-5053
Armbrust, Susan A.Senior Account Clerk
Bergholtz, Angela M. (Angie)Senior Account Clerk
Blincoe, Janice E.Senior Account Clerk
Caciola, Patricia A.PT Senior Account Clerk
Campbell, Randy J.Purchasing Agent
Capodaglio, DavidCourier
Coolbaugh, Leanne M.
Principal Account Clerk
DelFavero, Penny L.Senior Account Clerk
Dempsey, Ryan J.Courier
Hartquist, Kylee N.Courier
Holmes, Peggy J.
Payroll Supervisor
Hover, Susan L.Student Accounts Specialist
Keiser, Barbara A.
Assistant Controller
Lakin, Julie A.Bursar
Melzer, Heidi K.
Student Accounts Specialist
Orlando, Diane M.Part-time Clerk
Quigley, DeniseAssistant Bursar
Reynolds, MarianneSenior Account Clerk
Rought, Veronica M.
Student Accounts Specialist
Salton, Tamara J.Accountant
Sechrist, DebbieStudent Accounts Specialist
Tillotson, Jeanette O.Associate Vice President and Controller
Wesner, Erika E.Senior Accountant
Wiley, Melinda J.Account Clerk