Post 9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008 (Chapter 33)

You may qualify for these benefits if you:

Receive an honorable discharge and meet one of the following two conditions:

  • Serve at least 90 days on active duty, on or after September 11, 2001 or
  • Serve at least 30 days on active duty after the same date, and be released with a service-connected disability

Benefit guidelines

For those who meet the eligibility requirements, the Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits include 36 months of education benefits. With the new Post-9/11GI Bill, the percentage the VA pays varies with the amount of active duty time the servicemember has after September 10, 2001; the minimum of 90 days gets the veteran 40 percent of his or her education expenses paid by the VA. Thirty-six months or more of active duty service gets servicemembers to the 100 percent level. Service time in between 90 days and 36 months equates to a benefits percentage between 40 and 100 percent. Benefits, generally, must be used within 15 years.

Those who use GI Bill benefits after separating from active duty get:

  • Pays all public school in-state tuition and fees directly to his or her school.
  • A monthly housing allowance based on the school's zip code, paid at the E-5 with dependents rate. Monthly housing allowance benefits are prorated based upon rate of pursuit, rounded to the nearest multiple of 10 (effective August 1, 2011).
  • A book stipend of up to $1,000 per academic year

For those who are on active duty, Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits differ slightly. Individuals can use GI Bill benefits to pay tuition and fees not covered by his or her Tuition Assistance. Allows students on active duty to receive a books and supplies stipend however, active duty service members do not get the housing allowance.

Housing allowance is now payable to students (other than those on active duty) enrolled solely in distance learning. The housing allowance payable is equal to half the national average BAH for an E-5 with dependents.

The full-time rate for an individual eligible at the 100% eligibility tier would be $1,266 for 2015.

Documentation required for Chapter 33

Please submit completed forms and document copies to the Veterans & Military Affairs Office, according to your circumstances.

If you have never applied for benefits, submit:

If you have had a one-year break in attendance at SUNY Broome, or if you used your benefit at another institution, submit:

If you received your benefit at SUNY Broome within the last year, submit: