Communication and Media Arts: A.S.

The Program of instruction in Communications and Media Arts comprises theoretical and practically oriented course offerings in audio and video production, photography, film, acting, and various types of communication. Communications courses emphasize acquisition of both technical proficiency and theoretical knowledge.

The Program aims, on the one hand, to prepare graduates for immediate employment in a number of communications-related occupations, and on the other hand, for transfer to baccalaureate degree programs.

Graduates entering the job market after earning the associate degree will seek employment as production assistants, educational media technicians, media sales representatives, writers, on-air personalities, and photographers, as well videographers, cinematographers, editors, and news personnel.

Those transferring to upper division colleges will major in audio-visual technology, film and photography, technical communications, radio and TV broadcasting, journalism, graphic reproduction, acting, and advertising. Subsequently, they will seek employment as photographers, filmmaker/cinematographers, scriptwriters, media producers, broadcasters, newspaper reporters, studio technicians, instructional media specialists, video and audio engineers, copy writers, media directors, actors, production media specialists, and sales or marketing managers.

Program supervised by:
Jason R. Detrani, Chairman
Office: Titchener Building, Room 103B
Telephone: 607 778-5101
Fax: 607 778-5394

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