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How to Drop a Course

If you wish to consider formally withdrawing from the course, there are important dates to consider.  Failure to properly withdraw from a course will result in the student receiving the grade he/she earned in the course. Students who no longer attend class, quit school, or move out of the school district also need to be withdrawn from their Fast Forward classes.  Withdrawing from a course may affect a student's future Satisfactory Academic Progress at SUNY Broome. To withdraw, you must send official correspondence to SUNY Broome via email to OR by completing/submitting the SUNY Broome Drop Form (also included in your student folder).


How To Drop Video


Term Course Dates W Grade Starts for Class Dropped W Grade Ends for Class Dropped F Grade Starts for Class Dropped
Fast Forward9/19/2016 - 2/3/201710/18/20161/4/20171/5/2017
Fast Forward Full Year9/19/2016 - 6/16/201711/15/20164/13/20174/14/2017
Spring 2017
Fast Forward2/6/2017 - 6/16/20173/2/20175/8/20175/9/2017