• Campus Evacuation
      • If it is necessary to evacuate the campus, exit in the direction given by Public Safety or other emergency authority. 
      • Do not put your vehicle in a position where it blocks the way for others. 
      • If the road is not usable, leave your vehicle off of the roadway and evacuate by foot.
  • Building Evacuation
      • If safe, close your office door and window, but do not lock them.
      • Use the nearest safe stairs and proceed to the nearest exit.  Do not use the elevator.
      • Wait for any instructions from emergency responders.
    • Do not re-enter the building or work area until you have been instructed to do so by the emergency responders.


Handicapped Evacuation Procedures

  • Individuals with disabilities shall move to the evacuation staging areas which are near exits and tops of stairwells.
  • Building Representatives will assist in evacuation and/or notify emergency responders immediately about any people remaining in the building and these locations.
  • Public Safety or fire personnel will decide whether people are safe where they are and will evacuate them as necessary.  The Fire Department may determine that it is safe to override the rule against using elevators.