Maintaining Your F-1 Status

The International Student Counselor (ISC) can provide information and assistance to you, but it is the STUDENT, not the college, who is ultimately responsible for maintaining their F-1 student status. 

To maintain your F-1 status you MUST:

  • Report any change of address to your International Student Counselor within 10 days of the move.  You can do so by completing the Change of Address form located on the International Wall in Wales Building, Room 108. Your ISC will update USCIS through SEVIS and inform SUNY Broome through the Registrar’s Office. Changing your address online or with the Registrar does NOT change it with immigration, you must report change to your ISC!
  • Enroll at the school that issued your current Form I-20 
  • Attend school FULL-TIME (12 credits for SUNY Broome students)
  • Make satisfactory academic progress (see SUNY Broome college catalogue)
  • Complete your degree or academic program by the date stated in item #5 of your Form I-20 (See International Student Counselor if the completion date on your I-20 is getting near and BEFORE it expires.  You may be eligible for an extension of your studies.)
  • If you wish to transfer to another school, you must follow immigration transfer regulations by notifying your current school and following your new schools procedures.
  • Have an UNEXPIRED passport at all times.  Passport renewal could take 6 months or more so it is important to plan ahead.
  • Limit employment to a total (all jobs) of 20 hours per week while school is in session(you will need to speak with the International Student Counselor is you are interested in on OR off campus work)
  • Receive authorization for ANY and ALL off-campus employment

Don’t forget to plan ahead for life after your program at SUNY Broome whether you will be transferring after you receive your SUNY Broome degree by obtaining a new I-20 from new school and attend the next available semester; applying for Optional Practical Training, if eligible; or departing from the U.S within 60 days of graduation.