Lorenzo de'Medici Institute  (LdM) is a private educational institution. Each year approximately 2,500 students from all over the world enroll at the school. The facilities, including independent administrative offices, classroom buildings, the student point, and art studios, are located on several premises in the city's historical center in the San Lorenzo area. Florence is a living museum with the works of famous painters, sculptors, and architects.

Florence Campus is one of the largest international schools in Italy, located in twelve campus buildings in the historic center near the famous Duomo Cathedral and next to the bustling San Lorenzo market and church. The LdM buildings are all Wi-Fi equipped and include classrooms and large, specialized art studios, a cafeteria, a courtyard garden, library, student point, and computer center. For over 40  years, students have studied Italian language, studio art, art history and Italian culture at Lorenzo de' Medici. Students can take part in various student clubs and nearby excursions to get the full flavor of the culture.

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