Health Services

Student Insurance

Students enrolled full time pay a mandatory Student Accident Insurance Fee of $11/yr. The accident policy covers students for 12 months commencing the first day of classes for expenses incurred as a result of any accident, on or off campus. Maximum coverage is $2500.00 per accident. Student must first claim to their primary insurance before collecting any benefits from the accident insurance.

Claim forms are available in the Student Health Services office during the year, and must be filed with Student Health Services office located in Science Building, Room 102 before any claims will be paid. Part-time students may also enroll in the accident insurance coverage program. The fees are the same. Contact Student Health Services for more information. Students who withdraw and wish a refund of their accident policy must apply directly to the insurance company.

Health Insurance

The College does not provide medical insurance. Students apply directly to an insurance company. The SHS has limited information about such insurance available upon request in the Student Health Services office.

International Student Health Insurance

International health insurance is offered through the College and is mandatory for all international students. The health insurance cannot be waived.