SUNY Broome Community College is located in a suburban setting near the City of Binghamton,the principal city in Broome County. Binghamton lies approximately 175 miles (282 km.) northwest of New York City. Broome County is an industrial and agricultural area located in the approximate center of New York State. The Binghamton area is accessible to major air and highway systems, which makes travel easy to and from major cities along the U.S. East Coast. New York City, for example, is a 3-hour car or bus drive from Binghamton.

The City of Binghamton and its surrounding communities have a population of around 200,000. The Binghamton area enjoys four seasons of weather. During the winter months, snow will usually cover the ground with daytime temperatures averaging 28 to 38 degrees F (-2 to 3 degrees C). The late spring, summer and early fall months are very pleasant with daytime temperatures averaging 68 to 80 degree F (20 to 26 degrees C).

The Binghamton area offers many educational, leisure and cultural activities and supports an opera company, philharmonic orchestra, observatory, planetarium, performing arts center, museum and zoo. Community festivals and events are scheduled throughout the year. The City of Binghamton is the home to a professional hockey and baseball team. The Broome County Arena hosts many events such as shows and concerts. Binghamton University, a nearby four-year state university, also offers various cultural and musical events. At Broome Community College, you will find a variety of social, musical, theatrical and recreational activities including plays, concerts and sporting events. You can also take advantage of nearby lakes, parks, golf courses, hiking trails and ski areas.