Medical Assistant banner with group of people dressed in blue scrubs and white gloves

Medical Assisting Department

Welcome from the Department Chair

Welcome to the Medical Assisting Department at Broome Community College.

My name is Erin O'Hara-Leslie, CMA (AAMA) MS Ed. and I serve as the Department Chairperson and as a faculty member. There are dedicated faculty members in the department who are credentialed in their profession and strive to provide a quality education to our students. We are associated with many clinical affiliation sites ranging from physician offices of all sizes to a variety of healthcare clinics and offices. With our clinical partners we review, evaluate, and adapt the program to produce qualified and sought after graduates. Our goal as a department is not only to prepare students for their CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) exam and to provide the technical basis for employment, but also to mold graduates into the professional medical assistant who sees the patient as a human being with needs and concerns and recognizes and respects the role that every healthcare professional plays in providing quality patient care and whose passion for the profession of Medical Assisting extends beyond their daily job.

Department History

The Medical Assistant program was one of the original Health Science programs when SUNY Broome opened in 1948. Neva Ash was hired in 1947 as chair of the Office Assistant department, which also included the Technical Office Assistant program. Classes started in September, 1947. Since that time, it has produced hundreds of graduates who have provided quality patient care to thousands of patients.

The 1947-48 catalog has a program that was titled Medical and Dental Office Assistants, but the following year it is just called Medical Office Assistants.

The first Citadel (yearbook) was published in 1949, and says the first graduation was on September 23, 1949. There were 20 seniors and 26 freshman medical office students.

About the Department:

The Medical Assisting Department houses the Medical Assistant Degree program. Medical assistants are multi-skilled practitioners who assume a wide range of roles in physician's offices and other health care settings. They are proficient in a multitude of administrative and clinical tasks, are widely viewed by physicians as vital partners in increasing medical office productivity.