If you are devoted to academics, practice, and performance, four exciting music career track choices —Education and Performance, Sound Engineering, Music Industry, and Music Therapy— await you at SUNY Broome. The AS in Music prepares you for transfer to institutes offering baccalaureate degrees. The AS in Music: Sound Engineering prepares you for immediate employment.

Once you have completed your AS Degree, you might choose to work in a music store or sound recording studio. Or, you may teach privately and/or perform in musical groups. If you decide to transfer in order to complete a baccalaureate degree program, you may want to teach in a public school, pursue a Master's degree, or secure employment in various sectors of the music industry.

Program Supervised by:
Brenda Dawe
Office, CS114B


A Letter to Liberal Arts Dean, and Former Music Department Chair Dr. Michael Kinney:  "I recently graduated from SUNY Fredonia (after transferring from SUNY Broome) with a bachelor's degree in Music Therapy. I am currently in my first year of the Graduate Music Therapy program that just started at SUNY Fredonia. I did well in the theory placement test initially during the transfer process, and moved right into Theory IV. Taking Music Theory classes with you at SUNY Broome helped me so much in my education, and you were the best theory professor I've had to date.  Right now I'm in a Graduate level Analytic Techniques class, and we're learning about Schenkerian Analysis. You used to mention aspects of Schenkerian Analysis in your theory classes, and I was always fascinated by the concept, and now I am finally learning about it! I suppose I just wanted to share my excitement with the first person who introduced it to me, and to thank you for your influence on me and my education."  SUNY Broome Music Graduate Brin Taylor


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