Open SUNY is transforming the possibilities of online learning by bringing increased flexibility, support, and practical learning experiences to SUNY's 400 online degree programs. We are proud to announce that SUNY Broome Community College is one of six campuses that has been selected to lead SUNY in elevating online education to the next level.

SUNY Broome Community College's Online Clinical Laboratory Technician program is powered by Open SUNY+ and showcases signature Open SUNY student services. Open SUNY+ will build on SUNY Broome's strong track record as an online education leader, augmenting preeminent online academics with robust services to support students from matriculation to graduation and beyond.

SUNY Broome's online Clinical Laboratory Technician (CLT) program:
The first and only online-enabled program of its kind in New York State (read more)

What does it mean to offer a degree program that is powered by Open SUNY+?

As a student in a degree program powered by Open SUNY+, you'll have access to around-the-clock high-touch support dedicated to making you successful, including a personal concierge, help desk, and online tutoring. Your faculty will employ and evolve innovative, proven online teaching methods. And the Open SUNY+ experience doesn't end with graduation—your degree program targets an area of high employer demand in New York State and beyond, and your education will equip you with the hands-on experience you need for a successful career in your field.


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Student Benefits
of Open SUNY

  • Personal concierge: One point of contact for all questions about your program,big and small, who will follow you throughout your time enrolled
  • 24/7 Help Desk and Tutoring: Support that matches your schedule · Practical Learning: Access to real-life experiences to position you for employment, providing opportunities with a wealth of New York State employers at a scale no other university can provide
  • Industry-leading Teaching Practices: A learning experience that incorporates world-class faculty and teaching practices, building on the deep knowledge and research cultivated across the SUNYnetwork
  • High-Need Areas: A degree is in a field recognized as "high need" in New York State and beyond, meaning high employer demand and attractive employment opportunities after graduation.
  • Why apply for the Online Clinical Laboratory Technician program at SUNY Broome? ·
  • A flexible education on your schedule. Whether you've started a degree already or are enrolling for the first time, we will work with you to design the learning plan that gets you to a degree on a schedule and timeline that work for you
  • Unrivaled scale and reputation. Your degree will come from a respected institution whose name and reputation carry weight across the state and beyond.
  • With a SUNY campus within 30 miles of nearly every New Yorker, the Power of SUNY will enable connections to local employers, research centers and countless other campus-based opportunities. Your coursework may be virtual, but you will have access to experiences in your own backyard.
  • Extra supports to ensure you succeed. We will work with you to understand what you need and support your progress at every step of the way, providing critical tutoring, support, and a dedicated personal concierge who will follow you throughout your degree
  • A practical education connected to the jobs you want. We will connect you with internships, co-operative learning opportunities, and other real-world experience in your chosen field. By the time you graduate—with a degree in one of New York State's most in-demand fields in hand—you'll be fully prepared for the next step