Counseling Services

Personal Counseling - Services

Individual Counseling
Individual counseling assists students in resolving issues that cause emotional distress and interfere with personal goals and academic success. Issues students often address include:

  • Educational and academic goals
  • Personal, family, relationship concerns
  • Difficulty with alcohol, other substances or food
  • Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse
  • Management of emotions such as anxiety, depression, grief, and anger
  • Study skills and strategies
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Racial and diversity issues
  • Sexual identity issues

Group Counseling

  • Groups are offered at various times during the year depending on the need and vary in length from 4 to 12 weeks.

Self-Development Workshops

  • Personal development workshops provide opportunities for individuals to learn about topics related to personal growth. Students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend free scheduled workshops.

Psycho educational Groups

  • Groups offering information and help for students who have a particular mental health issue like depression or anxiety

Personal Growth Groups

  • Managing Relationships
  • Feeling confident and worthwhile
  • Managing feelings of depression or anxiety

Consultation Services

  • Personal Counselors are available to provide consultation services to faculty and staff to assist in their work with students. Counselors provide mental health education training and consultation to faculty on how to assist students with problems that affect the learning process and how to respond to crisis situations. Consultation on learning styles, adjustment to college, human relations issues, and other mental health topics is also available.
  • Classroom presentations on mental health, personal development, and academic skills topics are available.


  • A Certified Distance Counselor can meet with you for an intake appointment and determine if your particular problems or concerns make a good candidate for counseling via email and chat.