BCC Perkins Grant 2013-14: Student Success Initiative for Career and Technical Education (CTE)

The Carl D. Perkins Career & Technical Education Grant is a federal grant administered through the New York State Department of Education. This year the Perkins Grant at BCC provides funds for staff, supplies, equipment and programs that will promote the retention of CTE Students.

- Student Success Initiatives - Grant supported activities (click here) - 

While the Perkins Grant can no longer assist students with developmental coursework, the funds are used for initiatives that support student engagement, support and retention.

Career and Technical Education Eligible Students

Any Student in a Career & Technical Education program, with a specified sequence of courses, that leads to a certificate or an associate degree is eligible for Perkins funding.  Qualifying CTE programs can be found here.

Grant Objective

The Perkins funding at BCC funds The Student Success Initiative which is utilizing the existing Learning Assistance Department and the Concurrent Enrollment initiative to improve the success of CTE students.

The following Perkins Mandates are being achieved:

  • Strengthening of the academic and occupational skills of students
  • Providing services and activities that are of sufficient size, scope, and quality 

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