Get Ahead with Fast Forward

Roles and Responsibilities

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Review Instructor Qualifications
  • Complete Prospective Instructor Application (application, transcripts, resume) or New Course Proposal and send to Fast Forward Center
  • If approved, agree to the requirements necessary to teach the BCC course (as outlined below).
  • Develop course syllabus in keeping with BCC guidelines and policies, and in conjunction with BCC Department Chair.  A syllabus must be approved each academic year.
  • Arrange for the purchase of textbooks by students through the College bookstore, if the textbooks are not provided by the high school
  • Assist students in strictly adhering to BCC Drop Policy
  • Complete impact surveys as requested by the Fast Forward Center
  • Attend Fast Forward professional development workshops 
  • Cooperate with Fast Forward Center for administrative business:
    • Work with Fast Forward Facilitator to schedule registration visit each semester
    • Facilitate student registration with Fast Forward Center (follow up with absentees, reminders to students, etc.)
    • Review website with students
    • Submit 5 week attendance sheets in October/November for Fall, and March for Spring
    • Ensure that students are successfully registered by checking class roster and attendance sheets
    • Submit final grades to the Fast Forward Center each semester
    • Adhere to deadlines and respond promptly to emails from Fast Forward Center and BCC Chairs

Student Responsibilities

  • Register for BCC Fast Forward course each semester
  • Complete Certificate of Residency form each year
  • Share registration information with parent/guardian to assure their approval
  • Strictly adhere to BCC Drop Policy  and handouts provided at time of registration
  • Visit BCC to obtain student ID, which enables you to take advantage of the campus and library resources
  • Complete course evaluations sent via email from the Fast Forward Center, each semester

  School/District Responsibilities

  • Provide appropriate classroom space, laboratory space, equipment, and technology for BCC courses taught at the high school
  • Observe and sign Memorandum of Agreement for academic year, in the preceding Spring semester
  • Observe Fast Forward/BCC student eligibility requirements
  • Notify Fast Forward Center of all teacher absences in excess of one week.  The BCC Department Chair must approve all substitute instructors for any Fast Forward course where the substitute instructor will be in place for longer than one week.
  • Provide Invoice to Fast Forward Center at the end of each semester, for lease of space ; provide payment for student tuition at the end of each semester
  • Review Fast Forward Course Offerings List and submit Course Requests to the BCC Fast Forward Center, by March 1 (prior to the academic year that courses may be offered)

 BCC Department Chair Responsibilities

  • Participate in the review of application materials and in the interviewing of applicants
  • Collect syllabi from teachers each year; review the syllabi to determine if content, pedagogy, and assessment are congruent with campus course. In cases where a syllabus is unacceptable, work with the Fast Forward teacher to address all issues.
  • Select and orientate new Fast Forward teachers as department determines  
  • Oversee and support first-year Fast Forward teachers, visiting classrooms and reviewing student work
  • Per the Faculty Association Contract, visit teachers in their classrooms at least once/semester during each of the first four semesters the instructor teaches the course. Subsequently, the high school Fast Forward Instructor will be observed a minimum of once every two years. 
  • Within one week after the observation, the Chair or the Chair’s designee will discuss the observation with the Instructor and a written observation report will be provided.
  • Provide ongoing support to Fast Forward teachers – maintain contact with teachers throughout the year, by phone, email, or personal visits, as needed, to support their teaching of the BCC Fast Forward course.
  • With the Fast Forward Center, plan and oversee the implementation of professional development opportunities for Fast Forward teachers. Workshops should focus on topics related to the content, pedagogy, and assessment of the BCC Fast Forward course.
  • Provide Fast Forward Center with training dates and agendas, copies of handouts, and a list of attendees at teacher workshops
  • Compile Course Offerings list, in collaboration with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Division Deans, to include courses and any additional information that might be helpful to districts as they determine which courses they may wish to offer.  The list will be completed by November 1 prior to the academic year course will be offered.
  • Working with Fast Forward Center, maintain current information about your department’s Fast Forward course(s) for use on the Fast Forward website
  • Represent Fast Forward within the College, especially to the home academic department
  • Advise Fast Forward staff, as needed, on issues pertinent to the Fast Forward program as a whole
  • Participate in Chairs and Deans meetings to develop Fast Forward academic policies and procedures
  • Participate as needed in event and program evaluation

Fast Forward Center Responsibilities

  • Support teachers, schools, students, parents, and BCC department chairs
  • Maintain teacher listserv
  • Registration
    • Visit each classroom, each semester, with necessary forms/information/deadlines
    • Oversee Fast Forward student registration
  • Billing
    • Explain residency procedures to teachers and students
    • Work closely with Student Accounts Office
  • Plan and implement professional development events for instructors
  • Handle student and parent concerns (phone calls, emails)
  • Coordinate and ensure attendance and final grade records are entered on time, each semester
  • Draft Memorandum of Agreement for each school district, each academic year and mail; maintain records
  • Provide a Course Offerings list to high school partners outlining courses available under the Fast Forward Program, each Fall
  • New teachers
    • Coordinate new teacher application process (collect applications, forward to BCC department, communicate approval/denial to teacher/school)
    • Conduct new teacher training in conjunction with BCC department chair
  • Department Chairs
    • Recruit in cooperation with academic department
    • Support BCC department chair (i.e.: orientation meetings, request for syllabi, provide contact info, etc.)
  • Maintain relationships with stakeholders
    • Partner schools and districts (principals, superintendents, guidance counselors)
    • BCC key players (academic departments, administration, campus offices)
  • Program evaluations (work with Office of Institutional Research and Planning)
    • Annual credit survey
    • College graduate follow-up survey
    • Three-year Impact on school, teachers, counselors survey
    • Course evaluations (each semester)
  • Budget
  • Participate in National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships; ensure that Fast Forward meets NACEP standards
  • Create and publish, with Public Affairs Office, informational pieces such as a program brochure, newsletters, and in-house publications.
  • Create and maintain Fast Forward website
  • Market COL 105: Academic Planning Seminar to Fast Forward students, to be taught on campus, during Summer semester


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