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Fast Forward Partner Roles

Fast Forward is housed under Academic Affairs of SUNY Broome and is a partnership that expands across all four divisions (STEM, Business & Public Services, Liberal Arts, and Health Sciences).  Following is a summary of key players and their major roles.  Fast Forward relies on all partners to perform critically important work to contribute to its success.

High schools provide the classroom space, lab equipment, and technology for SUNY Broome courses taught in the high school.  They also ensure adherence to student entrance requirements via student advising and scheduling.  Schools also sign yearly Memorandum of Agreements, and provide invoices and payment at the end of each semester to the College.

Fast Forward Instructors/High school teachers provide classroom instruction in adherence to SUNY Broome departmental expectations and course learning outcomes.  FF Instructors also cooperate with eh Fast Forward Center for administrative business such as attendance and final grade submission.

SUNY Broome academic departments make decisions on prospective instructor applications, provide orientation to new instructors, provide professional development to all instructors, conduct classroom visits to ensure quality, and assess the course and its contents for equivalency.

Fast Forward students are admitted to the College as non-matriculated students, and are registered for transcripted, college credit.  Students must adhere to equivalent course withdrawal policies, grading and attendance policies, and all other rights and responsibilities of SUNY Broome students.  Students are encouraged to obtain a college ID and complete course evaluations at the end of each term.

Fast Forward staff handles all administrative and policy matters, partner relationships, web and print communication, program evaluation, orientation and professional development event planning, teacher application and review process, course management and student registration and residency, NACEP compliance, and provides assistance in the billing processes.  


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