The American University of Rome (AUR) is one of the oldest degree-granting American universities in Italy. Students obtain an American-accredited bachelor or master degree upon completion of the academic program which typically has a duration of four years or 15 months, respectively. American-accredited degrees are universally recognized as a standard of success of higher education.

The American University of Rome prepares students to live and work across cultures through its practical interdisciplinary academic majors, opportunities for learning through travel and internships, and its multi-cultural faculty and staff.

The school has a complete range of facilities, classrooms, offices, an extensive library, student lounge, computer center, and auditorium. Surrounded by its own garden, the campus is close to major parks. Its neighbors include The American Embassy to the Holy See and the American Academy in Rome. The location also offers a full range of amenities including restaurants, cafes, theater, shopping, and housing. AUR is a small school with a student body of approximately 500 regular and visiting students, serving primarily as an overseas study center for American colleges and a degree granting institution for Italian and international students.

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