Spring 2012 - The Dining Room

BCC student actors performed in A.R. Gurney’s The Dining Room. Cast members are: Tom Larison, Joel Nelson, Brionna Cicak, Rebecca Harding, Rachel Hardy, Dylan Gardner, Jaimie Girnis, Cassidy Wright and Alexander Marin.

The Dining Room was written in 1982, the play is a mosaic of interrelated scenes – some funny, some touching -- which create an in-depth portrait of a vanishing species: the upper-middle-class WASP. The “dining room” itself is used as a symbol of the vanishing family life in America that began to dissolve in the late 20th century. As family-centered mealtimes began to disappear, the dining room, as society knew it, began to disappear too. In the production, the actors change roles, personalities and ages as they portray a wide variety of characters, from little boys to stern grandfathers, and from giggling teenage girls to Irish housemaids.

One of the most produced playwrights in America, A. R. Gurney’s many plays include The Cocktail Hour, Love Letters, The Middle Ages, Another Antigone, A Cheever Evening and What I Did Last Summer. Gurney is a New Yorker originally from Buffalo.