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Transfer Counseling

SUNY Broome students are encouraged to meet with a Counselor during a scheduled appointment or during walk-in hours to discuss transfer college selection, the transfer application process, academic preparation for transferring, colleges and universities with programs of study in disciplines of interest, transfer scholarships and resources.

It is never too soon to begin planning for the transfer process. We actually encourage students to meet with a Counselor and begin the process early in their first semester. There are a number of steps to the process, and our experience can help make the process easier.

Where do SUNY Broome students go?

Identifying Career and Academic Goals

Some students enter SUNY Broome with an academic plan, including plans for transfer, in place. Others are entirely undecided about transfer and career plans. Either way, it is strongly advised that students meet with a Counselor early and often, whether to review and solidify plans or to begin focusing on career and academic directions. To meet with a Counselor, either stop by SS-210 or call 778-5210 to make an appointment for Transfer Counseling.

It goes without saying that career goals and transfer plans are closely related and should be examined carefully in order to maximize the learning experience and future career options. The best first step in the transfer process is to clarify or determine your career goals. Our Counseling faculty are trained and experienced in both career and transfer Counseling, and often integrate the two. Some of our assessment tools will supplement this integration and provide you with even greater insight into your potential majors and careers.

Choosing a Major

Once you've decided on a career direction, it will be easier to identify first a major and then transfer college options.  SUNY Broome students enrolled in the Liberal Arts may select a major, such as Psychology, History, or Literature from within the area of Liberal Arts.  Counselors with experience in career exploration can help you determine how your academic choice, combined work-related interests and skills relate to various majors and careers.  Working with a Counselor will help you answer these important questions:

  1. What is the appropriate academic discipline for me to pursue at SUNY Broome?
  2. What major at a transfer college will best prepare me for my career goal?
  3. What courses at SUNY Broome will be most transferable to a four-year college?
  4. What four-year colleges will best prepare me for professional life or graduate school?
  5. What type of college and environment do I want?
  6. How do I get started?

Your academic advisor will also be a key resource in identifying the most appropriate courses to take at SUNY Broome and explaining which SUNY Broome curriculum will maximize the credits you will transfer.

Student Transfer Appeal Process

If you do not agree with your SUNY college's decision on the granting or placement of credit that you earned at a prior SUNY institution, you have the right to submit an appeal to your campus transfer representative. More Information.

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