Preparing to Transfer to Another College/University

To maintain your F-1 Student immigration status, there are a few easy steps when planning your transfer to another college/university AFTER studying at SUNY Broome Community College.

1. Apply

The first step in the process is to apply to the colleges/universities you are interested in applying. Our Counseling Department at SUNY Broome can provide transfer counseling to help identify potential colleges. They also have resources to help you in the search.

2. Decide

Once you are accepted to the schools, you will have to decide on the ONE college/university that you are going to attend.

3. Inform

It is essential that you inform your current international student advisor which school you have decided to attend. During the admission process, your transfer schools may request a TRANSFER ELIGIBILITY FORM be completed by your International Student Advisor. This is normal sometimes before you are admitted. The form will confirm that you are in status and will ask when your SEVIS record will be released. This will be "To Be Determined" until after your final decision is made and you are formally admitted.

4. Release

Once you have been admitted, decide on your transfer school, and inform the International Student Services office which school you will attend, THEN we can release your SEVIS record to the new college/university so they can create your new transfer I-20.

To finalize your SEVIS release you will need to provide the following to the International Student Services Office:

  • Completed SEVIS Release form requesting transfer date and transfer school
  • Copy of Acceptance Letter from school you are transferring to

Special Considerations

Timing is critical. If you are graduating, you have 60 days after your program ends to transfer your SEVIS record.  Also, your SEVIS record can NOT be transfer before the end of the current semester since you are still attending classes at SUNY Broome.

Each college/university has it's own transfer policy/procedure so it is important that you check with that school regarding required forms, transfer credit procedure, how to obtain your new I-20, and financial documentation required.

Don't forget that once you've decided to attend another college, there are other factors to consider in your move especially if you are attending a college/university out of the Binghamton area. This checklist (click here) is designed to help you with some things to consider.

If you have more questions or concerns, please visit your International Student Services Office.

Transferring TO SUNY Broome

For students transferring to SUNY Broome Community College, please visit the Transfer Student site on the International Admissions website to learn more about how to transfer to SUNY Broome.

Transfer Credit to SUNY Broome

SUNY Broome Community College does accept transfer credit from both U.S. accredited institutions as well a foreign colleges and universities. You should begin the transfer credit process as early as possible to assist with course registration needs. 

U.S. Colleges & Universities

College level course credits earned at regionally accredited post-secondary institutions can be transferred to SUNY Broome. Transfer credit is subject to the approval of the Department Chairperson or Dean's designee and with the following provisions:

  • SUNY Broome must receive official transcripts of all college-level work completed at other regionally accredited colleges before formal transfer credit will be awarded.
  • Grades earned at the other institutions will not be entered into the cumulative grade point average (GPA) at SUNY Broome.
  • Grade of "C" or higher are transferable if coursework is relevant to the student's program of study at SUNY Broome. "C-" and "D" grades may be transferable with the approval of the Department Chairperson or Dean's designee.

Foreign Colleges & Universities

Credits earned at foreign post-secondary institutions may also be transferred, subject to review and approval of the Department Chairperson or Dean's designee from the division in which the student matriculates.

Students applying for foreign credit transfer credit must submit an official evaluation of foreign educational credentials from an accredited evaluation agency (Institute of Foreign Credential Services). Please see contact information below.

  • World Education Services (WES): - Request the Comprehensive Course by Course Evaluation
  • Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE): - Request the  Comprehensive Course by Course Evaluation

Institute of Foreign Credential Services (IFCS)
12 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522
Phone: 914-693-2840
Fax: 914-231-7782