What Students Say

Don't take our word for it...

Listen to what our international students are saying about Broome Community College!


Minhong from China:

"SUNY Broome has (an) excellent international (program) and passion for international students. SUNY Broome can give you an excellent and strong educational foundation to go further and further."

"SUNY Broome 拥有优秀的国际项目和热情对待国际学生. SUNY Broome 能够给您优秀和坚实的教育基础,让您更上一层楼."

Hyun Jin Kim

JiHyun from South Korea:

"Even though I (studied) English in my country, I always wanted to learn REAL English... I wanted to speak English fluently... When I visited Binghamton (for the) first time, I felt very comfortable... it was the America that I always imagined. (SUNY Broome is) the greatest stepping stone (of) your life!"

";비록 영어를 한국에서 공부했었지만, 전 항상 진정한 영어를 배우고 싶었습니다….유창하게 영어를 하고 싶었던거죠… 제가 처음으로 빙햄튼을 방문했을때, 정말 편안한 느낌이었고… 빙햄튼은 바로 제가 상상하던 미국의 모습이었습니다. BCC는 여러분의 인생에 가장 훌륭한 디딤돌이 될 수 있을것입니다!"


Lochana from Sri Lanka:

"(I chose SUNY Broome because) it's a two year school and you could get individual attention from teachers because it's small compared to a 4 year school.. and you can get the same credits as a 4 year school. If you want to get individual attention and succeed in your studies, choose SUNY Broome..."


Ayumi from Japan:

"SUNY Broome is small so…students are…close to their teacher and (their) teacher cares about them."

"SUNY Broome の生徒は先生ととても身近な存在で、先生もいつも生徒のことを気にかけて接している。SUNY Broome は生徒と先生の距離感がとても近い、そんな学校です。"

Nicholas from Argentina:

"I think (SUNY Broome) offers a lot of activities to be part of. Counseling is great. The International Student Organization is also a big plus. Probably my best memories are of the ISO, especially the trips we made and the people I met."

"Creo que SUNY Broome ofrece actividades de todo tipo y para toda clase de gente. La atencion de los asesores y profesores es muy buena y, por sobretodo, util. La Organizacion de Estudiantes Internacionales (ISO) es tambien un excelente lugar para conocer gente. Mis mejores recuerdos son de esta organizacion, en especial de los viajes realizados y la gente que conoci."

Naoufal Sassi

Naoufal from Morocco:

"My favorite thing about SUNY Broome is how the people are so nice and friendly... Also the teachers are comprehensive and they give a lot (of) attention to their students."

"ahsan haja fi al bcc hia bi ana al asatida kay y tfahmo m3a talaba mezian ,w nass hnaya kay t3amlo m3a a talba mzian bezaf bezaf"


Nelson from Ecuador:

"I liked all of my classes... I liked my English class the most because it is academically stimulating, there is a lot of discussions, and my teacher is just extraordinary."

"Me gustaban todas mis clases... La clase de Inglés es la que mas me gustaba porque era academicamente estimulante, había bastante discusiones del tema, y mi profesor era lo máximo."