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COM Club Goes to Pittsburgh Museum District


NIGHT SCENE - Members of the SUNY Broome COM Club and their faculty advisors pause for a group photo at night standing against a dramatic backdrop of the Pittsburgh, Pa. city skyline. The photo was taken during the groups May 3 - 5, 2013 field trip to Pittsburgh to visit museums in the city's cultural center.



            PITTSBURGH,PA – Members of BCC’s Communications Club took a whirlwind weekend trip to Pittsburgh, May 3-5th that featured educational tours of three major museums and walking tours of the city’s culturally acclaimed River Walk District and a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game.

            Cultural stops included tours of the Andy Warhol Museum and the Andrew Carnegie Museums of Natural History and of Art. Both Carnegie museums are housed in the same complex in downtown Pittsburgh.

            “Our students had a fantastic artistic experience both in the museums and in the opportunity to experience street art,” said Tim Skinner, a BCC Communications instructor.

            “This was a great capstone event to the semester for students and instructors,” said Silvia Briga, one of three Communications instructors who supervised the trip. “It was rewarding for us as instructors to see our students apply what they have learned in our classes at the museums and art exhibits they experienced.”

            Pittsburgh’s River Walk is unique, weaving through downtown businesses and is accented with dozens of sculptures and paintings as well as performance art exhibits reflecting the city’s strong sense of artistic appreciation which traces back to the legacy of Andy Warhol. The city’s downtown is a rich collection of artistic endeavor.

            “Downtown is a cultural mecca,” said Chris Keaty, a BCC Communications Instructor. “Around every corner is an art gallery, a theater or some other kind of art exhibit. Even the Pittsburgh skyline is a work of art. Our students had the opportunity to experience this fantastic collection,” Keaty said.

            The 11 Communications Department students and three instructors examined original art works by Andy Warhol, Monet, Jackson Pollock and Vincent Van Gogh.

            Along the River Walk the students and instructors saw the works of street artist Shepard Faiery, who painted “Hope”, the now famous 2008 image of presidential hopeful Barack Obama framed in red white and blue. Faiery was greatly influenced by Andy Warhol

            The group also watched the Pittsburgh Pirates lose to the Washington Nationals 5-4.

            One of the nicer features of the trip was everything was walk able, with the museums, River Walk, accommodations and baseball stadium all within walking distance in the city’s downtown.

            “We just drove there, parked the cars and walked to everything,” Briga said.

- By Ed Evans – SUNY Broome Communications Instructor