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COM Students Help With TLC TV Shoot



Camera Setup at Bakery Boss
   EASY DOES IT - A member of the production crew for TLC’s Bakery Boss adjusts a camera to the end of a camera boom outside of Baked Euphoria in Endwell. SUNY Broome Communications majors Caroline Shedd and Mike Streeter had an opportunity to help with the production.  Photo by Mike Streeter
COM Students Help With TLC TV Shoot 
   Two SUNY Broome Communications students were recruited in early September to work with a national production company that came to Endwell to shoot an episode of the TLC reality TV show called “Bakery Boss”.
   Caroline Shedd and Mike Streeter (Communications and Media Arts majors who are both scheduled to graduate in December) each worked one long shift to help with the set up and production of an episode of “Bakery Boss” at Baked Euphoria, 2404 Watson Blvd. in Endwell.
   Streeter worked one long night, from 10 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. with a crew of nearly 20 other people to remodel the bakery.
   “We remodeled the entire interior of the bakery. We replaced appliances and painted all the rooms,” said Streeter, who was surprised to watch camera and set crews move right in to set up and start shooting immediately after the remodeling work was complete.
   “It was awesome they came here to shoot an episode,” said Shedd, who worked a 16 hour day doing everything from setting up equipment to working perimeter security to keep people away from the set to running out and getting food for the production crew.
   “This was the first time I had the opportunity to do something like this,” Shedd said.
   The production company contacted the SUNY Broome Communications Department looking for some local help. And for the two students who were available it was a unique opportunity to add to their list of college experiences.
   It is not yet known when the Bakery Boss episode shot at Baked Euphoria will air.
(Submitted by Ed Evans – COM Dept.   Sept. 27, 2013)