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Communications Students, Faculty Attend Nickolodeon Workshop

By Ed Evans, Communications Instructor

DRYDEN, N.Y. – Nearly two dozen BCC Communications students and faculty attended a Nickolodeon Studios Writing Fellowship workshop, at the campus of TC3 in Dryden, December 9th.

The workshop walked participants through the story and script development process of Nickelodeon TV programs and gave guidelines for submitting story outlines and concepts in applying for a Nickolodeon Writing Fellowship.

“This was a relevant communication industry contact,” said Jason Detrani, Co-ordinator of BCC’s Communications and Media Arts program. “We had a valuable opportunity to take our students to a workshop where they could gain insight into a TV industry writing program.”

The opportunity was remarkable for BCC Communication students, who made up a large part of an audience that included students from Cornell University, SUNY Oswego, Le Moyne College and Ithaca College.

Nickolodeon, which is owned by Viacom, Inc., awards four fellowships a year to aspiring television script writers.

The $45,000 fellowship, along with a year long immersion in Nickolodeon’s TV Production environment, gives fellowship recipients lots of professional contact in the entertainment world. In past years the Fellowship opportunity has led to scriptwriting jobs that pay in excess of $100,000.

The 18 students and four faculty members from BCC also spent time with the Communications Department staff at TC3, who gave a tour of their facilities. TC3 has an online radio station and studios and several photo and video production labs.

“It is always good to get outside our own box and see the program and facilities of one of our sister programs,” Detrani said.

BCC Communications student Mike West takes notes as Nickelodeon’s Karen Kirkland explains the concept of Story Arc as it applies to situation comedy outlines and scripts. Kirkland, the Executive Director of Nickelodeon’s Writing and Artist Fellowships, conducted an afternoon workshop at TC3 in Dryden. BCC’s Communications Department took 18 students and four instructors to the workshop. (Photo-Ed Evans, BCC Communications Dept.)

BCC Communications Department students and staff made up a large part of the audience for a workshop at TC3 in Dryden on the Nickelodeon Writer’s Fellowship program. Karen Kirkland (right), Executive Director of Nickelodeon’s Fellowship program spent nearly two hours explaining the process of outlining and scripting TV shows for the network. (Photo-Ed Evans, BCC Communications Dept.)

BCC Communications students and instructors tour one of TC3’s digital photo labs during the trip to the Dryden campus on December 9th. BCC took 18 students and four staff for the Nickelodeon Writers Fellowship workshop. (Photo-Ed Evans, BCC Communications Dept.)