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Liberal Arts

In order to register you must meet with an advisor. To set up an appointment or if you have questions please contact us. 

You can look up your advisor's name on MyCollege under Student Tab / Student Records / Student Information.

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Liberal Arts and Science program: refer to STEM Division



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The following programs are included in Liberal Arts

Communication & Media Arts

Human Services

Human Services – Chemical Dependency

Individual Studies

Liberal Arts Associate in Arts

Visual Communications

Music - Education & Performance

Music - Music Industry

Music - Sound Engineering

Music - Therapy

Excelsior Transfer Programs

Schedule an appointment with Terri Fadden by emailing or calling 778-5364.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood (Certificate)

General Studies – Education Transfer

General Studies – Theater

Physical Education & Sport Studies

For advising and registration information or for questions relating to Physical Education, Sport Studies, Kineisiology, or other transfer programs, contact Sandra Alter-Ballard, Program Coordinator in SC 101E, 607 778-5322, or email at

Teacher Assistant Certificate