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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

In order to register you must meet with an advisor. To set up an appointment or if you have questions please contact us at (607) 778-5777 or visit your Department's office. 

Computer Science: AT 011
Engineering Science: AT 201
Engineering Tech: MB 117
Environmental Science: NSC 207A
Liberal Arts and Sciences: NSC 207A
Mathematics: AT 011



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The following programs are included in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Civil Engineering Technology: A.A.S.

Computer Information Systems: A.A.S.

Computer Science: A.S.

Computer Security and Forensics A.A.S.

Computer Technology: A.A.S.

Electrical Engineering Technology: A.A.S.

Engineering Science: A.S.

Environmental Science: A.S.

Industrial Technology: Quality Assurance A.A.S.

Industrial Technology: Quality Assurance: Certificate

Liberal Arts and Sciences: A.S.

Manufacturing Technology: A.A.S.

Mechanical Engineering Technology: A.A.S.