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Accounting - The Finance Department's MyCollege website offers information on how to purchase supplies, equipment and services with your grant award funds. Project Directors must carefully monitor expenditures and approve them through the budget set up for your grant in Banner. 

Monthly fiscal reports regarding grants are prepared by the Accounting Department and reviewed by the Sponsored Programs Office and the campus Grants Management Team.

CFDA Number - The identifying number that a federal program is assigned in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).

Direct Costs - All allowable costs, as set forth in a grant application. Cost includes those incurred by both the grant recipient and the value of the contributions made by third parties in accomplishing the objectives of the award during the project period.

Grant - An award of financial assistance, the principal purpose of which is to transfer a thing of value from a federal agency to a recipient to carry out a public purpose of support or stimulation authorized by a law of the United States. - A web portal for use in electronic collection of data (forms and reports) for federal grant-making agencies through the site. (

Grant Personnel – Individuals employed to perform roles funded by grant money are treated as BCC employees who are only temporary; when the grant period ends, the funding source for that employee also ends. Hiring is coordinated with BCC's HR Department and HR policies apply to all employees:

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity− All faculty, administrative and support staff employees will be hired in accordance with the College's Affirmative Action Program.
  2. Positions established with grant money are classified by the Human Resources Office in accordance with the College classification plan and established College pay plans. See Job Descriptions for more information.

Indirect Costs - These are costs of conducting projects that cannot be directly related to specific project activities, but are nevertheless incurred by BCC during the grant period. Examples include accounting and personnel department functions necessary for grant administration, library services, building and equipment maintenance, and depreciation costs are all considered indirect costs, as well as the portion of time spent by department/division heads, central administration, and deans in activities related to the project are considered indirect costs. Indirect costs only are determined using a rate that is established/approved by the federal government through negotiation with The Department of Health and Human Services.

In Kind Contributions - Third party in-kind contributions may be in the form of real property, equipment, supplies and other expendable property, and the value of goods and services directly benefiting and specifically identifiable to the project or program.

Project Period - The period established in the award document during which awarding agency sponsorship begins and ends.

Sponsored Programs - The Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) will be your primary information resource as you develop your proposal concept. When a proposal is funded, Sponsored Programs acts as the intermediary with the granting agency for all budgetary and/or contractual negotiations for formal College grants/contracts. All contracts with the funding agency will be made through, or with the prior knowledge or assistance of the SPO. Grant report copies, files, and original award letters will be filed in the SPO. For more information, contact Barbara Hein, Director of Sponsored Programs (x5222) or Karen Hodel, Sponsored Programs Secretary (X5346).