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Why pineapple?

The Pineapple is an internationally recognized symbol of Hospitality. Explorer Christopher Columbus discovered not only the Americas on his maiden voyage, but the pineapple as well. A pineapple was presented to him on the island of Guadalupe. It was the tradition of the island people to set a pineapple at the entrance to their village if visitors were welcome to enter. Columbus took pineapples back to Europe following his second voyage in 1493.

By 1642, pineapples were considered an exotic delicacy and were being grown in the hothouses of Europe. Only the aristocracy could afford the fruit which proved difficult to grow. Pineapples could be found as the centerpieces at many elegant and lavish affairs. The sea captains of colonial America’s tall- masted ships brought them back from their voyages and it is said they would put one on a gatepost or porch post to let their friends and neighbors know they had returned home and were welcoming visitors. These captains would share their tales of adventure on the high seas along with a bit of the fruit. Fresh pineapples were set as center pieces of the dining table at celebration dinners with friends. People began to have pineapples carved on headboards or posts used in the guest bedrooms as symbols of the highest hospitality. After World War 2 world trade began to flourish and pineapples became much more available to everyone, much as they are today.

You can learn more about pineapple history by watching the 1970’s movie: The Hawaiians starring Charlton Heston.

Love to be the driving force behind success events, from weddings to trade shows? There’s now a degree program for you at SUNY Broome Community College.

The 62-hour Event Management degree includes courses in IT for service industries, accounting for service businesses, bartending and beverage management, hospitality law, hotel and restaurant cost control, wedding planning, corporate events and trade shows, and more. The program also includes two event management internships.

Program supervised by Professor Rey C. Wojdat, Chair, Hospitality Programs Department.

For more information, contact the Admissions Office at (607) 778-5001.

AOS Degree in Event Management

62 Credit Hours


HOS 101Introductions for the Hospitality Freshman3.0
BHM 110Sanitation and Safety3.0
EVE 101Fundamentals of Event Management3.0
BIT 206IT for Service Industries3.0
ENG 110 College Writing I3.0


BHM 123Bartending and Beverage Management3.0
HOS 115Hospitality Marketing and Promotions3.0
EVE 125Wedding Planning, Coordination, Consulting3.0
BHM 216Professional Cooking3.0
BUS 108Accounting for a Service Business4.0


EVE 201Event Management Internship I3.0


BUS 152Selling Fundamentals3.0
Hospitality ElectiveRecommend EVE 215 or EVE 2203.0
Hospitality ElectiveChoose any EVE course not required or any BHM, HOS, CAS or BUS course3.0
BUS 248Human Resource Management3.0


EVE 225Meetings, Corporate Events, Conventions, Trade Shows & Expos3.0
BHM 125wHospitality Law3.0
BHM 275Hospitality Catering and Community Service3.0
BHM 235Hotel/Restaurant Cost Control4.0


EVE 297Event Management Internship II3.0

Certificate in Event Management

15 Credit Hours

EVE 101Fundamentals of Event Management3.0
EVE 125Wedding Planning, Coordination & Consulting3.0
EVE 225Meetings, Corporate Events, Conventions, Trade Shows & Expos3.0
EVE 201Event Management Internship I3.0
EVE 297Event Management Internship II3.0