Marketing Projects

NOTE: The MarCom Department gives priority to productions for usage off-campus and in the community, as well as core enrollment communications materials. Internal Communications, posters, handbills, and other items can be created by individual departments using variety of templates.

With the exception of business cards, letter head, and simple web maintenance requests, all MarCom projects require at least 2 week notice. Projects that are not associated with a specific event or deadline will go into the production schedule where they will be prioritized (with the help of the VP's and Deans). Large-scale campaigns and productions must be scheduled a few months out depending on the number of projects in the queue, and the time of year.

Example project turn-around times:

Updates to an Existing Three Panel Brochure: 2 weeks + printing time
New Three panel Brochure: 3 weeks + printing time
Letterhead: 1-2 days
Simple Web Edit: 1-2 days
Poster: 2 weeks + printing time
Video production: 1 month +
Complex print marketing piece: 1 month +

Printing time runs from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the project and how many projects the printing vendor currently has. Times are approximate and may vary depending on current project load.

Contact the Communications Officer to discuss any ideas for projects and talk about time frames.