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SUNY Broome's MarCom department maintains the public website, portal, micro-sites, and other electronic publications such as the Focus.

Whether you want to initiate a web project, or just make a quick edit, please fill out the Project Request Form.The form provides details about your project so that we can make recommendations to you and plan accordingly. The form must be submitted before design work can begin.

Please contact the department several weeks before the desired delivery date for most web development projects and allow even more time for new, extensive or complicated projects. If you have an important project that demands a rush schedule, contact us to see what can be done to produce the project within your time limit.

Web Development Process

In general, these are the major steps for all projects:

  1. The Project Request Form is submitted.
  2. Information about the project is exchanged in person or by phone/email for clarification.
  3. Images and Text in final copy-edited form is supplied to developer (if needed).
  4. The site or web application is created and laid out.
  5. You review the design.
  6. The project is launched on the web.