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Help/How-to Guides and Request Forms

The following instructions are specific to the SUNY Broome Learning Management System (Angel).  Please contact an Instructional Designer at the Teaching Resource Center if you have any questions. 

Additional training videos are available on the SUNY Broome TRC YouTube page.

Request Forms

Blended Course Proposal Form - PDF - printable format

Development Course Request Form - PDF - printable format

Internet Course Approval Form - PDF - printable format

Help Documentation

Accessing Courses through ANGEL (Faculty Instructions) - PDF-printable format

Adding a Custom Nugget with the Video Tutorial for Accessing Student Grades - PDF – printable format

Adding Another Instructor to Your Course - PDF – printable format

Adding Another Instructor to Your Course as a STUDENT - PDF – printable format

Adding Assessment Questions using the Copy and Paste Function - PDF – printable format

Adding Links to Library Subject Guides to the Resources Tab - PDF - printable format

Adding Section Comments in Banner - PDF - printable format

Changing the File Size Limit for Drop Box Assignments - PDF – printable format

Copying the BCC Template - PDF – printable format

Creating a Grading Rubric - PDF – printable format

Creating  Specialized Discussions - PDF – printable format

Creating a Percentage Based Gradebook - PDF – printable format

Creating a Points Based Gradebook - PDF – printable format

Creating Teams - PDF – printable format

Course Backups and Course Copy - PDF – printable format

Development Timeline for Online Courses at SUNY Broome - PDF - printable format

Embedding YouTube Videos - PDF – printable format

Enabling Your Course - PDF – printable format

Exporting Your Course Content for Use by Other Instructors - PDF – printable format

Exporting Your Gradebook to Excel - PDF – printable format

Help Sheet for Instructors - PDF - printable format 

Importing Content from Another Instructor into Your Course - PDF – printable format

Organizing and Hiding Courses on the Course Nugget - PDF – printable format

Semester Ready Check List - PDF - printable format 

Tips for Chairs - PDF - printable format 

Using the Unlock Agent for Gateway Activities - PDF – printable format

Teaching Resource Center Open Help Hours

The Teaching Resource Center offers open lab hours to assist faculty with any questions they have regarding the ANGEL Learning Management System.  The open hours will be every Monday from 12PM to 2PM and Thursday from 9AM to 11AM.  No appointment is necessary!

If you would like to schedule one on one assistance with an Instructional Designer, please contact the TRC at 778-5611 or send an email to

 Updated: 8-21-14