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Types of Online Courses

The majority of online courses offered at SUNY Broome Community College are asynchronous which means that there typically is no specific time you have to be online or meet face-to-face.  Since every course, instructor and discipline is different there are exceptions to the totally asynchronous model.  These exceptions could include courses with required face-to-face meetings or exams, online synchronous activities (chat, IM, etc.), a clinical experience or other synchronous component.

The table below describes the different types of online courses you can find at SUNY Broome.  Before registering for an online course, please be sure to check the DESIGNATOR included in the course section (example: ENG 110Y01 or ENG 110B01) to make sure the online course is appropriate for you.  Online courses are currently separated into 2 Instructional Methods – Distance Learning Asynch and Distance Learning Asynch (Blended).  In addition, many of our face-to-face courses are supplemented with an online component. 

Students should be prepared for the possibility of needing to use a computer in any course they register for at SUNY BroomeIf you have questions about the types of activities required in a specific course, please contact the department offering the course. 


Instructional Method/ Designator


Distance Learning Asynch

Designated with a “Y” in the course section (ex: ENG 110Y01)

Indicates that there are typically no required face-to-face or synchronous (specific online meeting time) components included in the online course unless specified by the instructor/department. Contact the instructor or department for more information.

That is not to say that they are self-paced, as there will be class activities that you need to participate in each week and due dates that you must meet.
Asynchronous courses may include posted online content, asynchronous discussions, assignments, exams, quizzes, etc.

Distance Learning Asynch (Blended)

Designated with a “B” in the course section (ex: ENG 110B01)

Indicates that the course meets both on campus and online.  In a blended course, a significant part of the course learning is online and as a result, the amount of classroom seat-time is reduced, but not eliminated.  The goal of Blended courses is to join the best features of in-class teaching with the best features of online learning to promote active independent learning and reduce class seat time.

Blended courses may include face-to-face classroom activities on campus combined with online classroom activities.  Every blended course is organized differently.  Contact the instructor or department for more information.