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Prospective Online Students @SUNYBroome

Are you ready to take an online course? Are you interested in the different types of online courses offered at SUNY Broome Community College? Here, you will find information on:

Online Programs & Online Courses:

Programs Offered Fully Online:

Certificates Offered Fully Online:

You can also see the list of online programs
offered at SUNY Broome
through the 
OPEN SUNY Degree Navigator.


How to Search for Current Online Course Offerings

To search a listing of our currently scheduled Online Courses, please review the following instructions:

1.  Go to the “Take a Class Page” on the SUNY Broome Academics homepage at

Click on the link that says “Search Available Courses”.

Take a Class Website Screen shot


2. Select the semester that you are interested in from the "Select Term or Date Range" drop down menu, and click on the Submit button. You can only see the courses for one term at a time.

Select a Semester from the Drop Down


3.  On the next screen, you will select Dist Learn Async (Distance Learning Asynchronous) under the field for Instructional Methods for Fully Online courses. 

If you want to see all Distance Learning Asynchronous courses, including those that are identified as Blended (Blended Courses have a face to face component):

Hold down the CTRL on your keyboard and click on Dist Learn Async (Blended).

Both Distance Learning Asynchronous and Distance Learning Asynchronous (Blended) must be highlighted in blue in order to return search results that include either option.  Click on the Class Search button at the bottom of the screen.


Screen shot of Schedule Search Screen


4.  This will produce a list of courses that meet the criteria that you specified on the previous screen.  Click on the CRN number to see the course description.

Screen shot of Search Results


5.  To register for a course, you must log in to the MyCollege system at .



You can also see a list of courses offered online at SUNY Broome, through the OPEN SUNY Course Navigator




Please keep in mind that access to the online course system is NOT available until the first day of the semester. If you are having problems logging in AFTER the first day of classes, please contact Open SUNY Support Services  or the SUNY Broome Help Desk .

Updated: 7-10-14