Teaching Grants at SUNYBroome

The next round of teaching grant proposals will be announced via email at the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester.

  • The Fall 2017 Teaching Grant funds are for projects that will be completed by June 30, 2018.
  • The deadline for Teaching Grant Application submissions is November 10, 2017.
  • Teaching Grant Summary Reports are due by July 29, 2018.

The BCC Foundation Teaching Grant Program is designed to stimulate faculty to develop and implement extraordinary projects that support the Academic Affairs Division's Initiatives.  The program provides support to help cover the special expenses involved in the pursuit of these activities.  This grant program is designed to assist with projects not typically funded through the Professional Development Assistance Program.

  • Typically, projects are funded up to $1,500.

Requests for proposals generally occur in the early part of the Fall Semester. 

Who Can Apply for Teaching Grants?

Full and part-time teaching and non-classroom faculty who have a project that impacts teaching and learning. 

Teaching Grant Process

Please review the Teaching Grant Process Checklist.  Then:

  1. Complete a Project Concept Form (please see Required Forms below)
    1. Identify and document the issue/problem/concern your idea addresses.
    2. Propose a solution and implementation process.
  2. Complete a Project Expense Sheet (please see Required Forms below).
  3. Submit the completed Project Concept Form and Project Expense Sheet, including all necessary signatures, to the Teaching Resource Center (mail stop #56) by the date listed above.

For questions about how to fill out the forms, please review the Grants Planning page.

Required Forms

Considerations for the Teaching Grant Selection Committee

Considerations will be provided at a later date.

 When making decisions concerning the allocation of funds, the Teaching Grant Selection Committee takes numerous factors into consideration, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Teaching Grant projects directly in support of academic and/or strategic initiatives.
  • Innovation is new to the campus or to the area/division.
  • Completed applications received by the announced deadline will receive full consideration.
  • The number of students and/or faculty impacted, or potentially impacted, by the project.
  • Projects that will have an impact that extends beyond the project timeline/grant cycle.
  • Projects that are easily transferred or expanded beyond the pilot to other students, classrooms, and/or areas of campus.
  • Projects for which the budget clearly corresponds to the project concept form.
  • Projects not typically funded through PDAP or departmental operational funds.
  • Projects considered to be above and beyond course development or other responsibilities expected as part of the faculty role.
  • Projects that have measurable outcomes.
  • Projects for which funding is requested for supplies and equipment.
  • Projects for which technology requests are supported within the current IT support structure or have approval of the IT department.
  • Projects that do not have continuing costs, or have continuing costs supported by other sources.

Full and part-time teaching and non-classroom faculty who have a project that impacts teaching and learning will receive equal consideration for teaching grant funding.

The Teaching Grant Selection Committee may choose to use the following strategies when allocating limited funds:

  • Reduce the maximum awarded to a project.
  • Fund selected initiatives based on the above and other considerations.  This implies that not all initiatives may be funded.

Receiving Reimbursement Upon Funding Approval

Please review the Teaching Grant Process Checklist.

  1. Implement and track the project solution by the completion date stated above.
    1. Purchase orders for supplies, software, and/or travel are handled through the Teaching Resource Center (contact x5611 or tch_ctr@sunybroome.edu).
  2. Submit a report detailing project outcomes to the Teaching Resource Center (mail stop #56) by the due date stated above.

Application and Summary Report Exemplars

Exemplars to be provided at a later date.