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Activities ASQ Branch Does



*      Workshops. - We used to invite speakers to talk about important topics such as business and quality control.


*      ASQ Diner. - It’s an activity where everybody goes and meets important people of the community.  In that kind of activity some students are selected by order therefore everyone will be able to go. (Networking is very important).

*      Fund raising. - We sometimes sell pizza or chocolate to make money for our ASQ Branch. 

*      Conferences. – ASQ members and participants have the opportunity to go out and visit other places and enjoy conferences about small and medium businesses management, ISO Quality, adequate track of activities, inversions, startups, etc.    


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 American Society for Quality


ASQ is the world's leading global community of people passionate about quality. We get the knowledge, tools, expertise and resources that inspires us in our company that whether we work for or we’ll work for. It is a club that makes interesting meetings and conferences about topics very important in the Business world.

(Conferences, International Dinners and Professional Topics about Quality Control and Small Businesses) 



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 ASQ Branch Members



v President:  Werley D. Scott Paul

v Vice-president: Patrick Pierre Milien 

v Secretary: Yoel Soriano Cano

v Treasurer: Ketia Loundine Chery

v Program director: Hyppolite John Roosevelt


v Newsletter: Isanel Ruales Lopez 



They are the ones, who are in charge that everything in the branch goes well. Activities are organized by them with the help of their advisor Ms. Stanley Lewis, whose position at BCC besides advisor, is Math Professor. These students are committed to this Club and are responsible for the wellbeing of the students that have joint the club. Speakers, conferences, dinners, international activities and even more, all are arranged and lead by the members. Their roles last for one year, where they have to accomplish and complete tasks stated in their guidance agenda called "SBMP", which is the Whole-Year-Calendar for them to know what activities need to be done and at what period of time they should be done. 


Staging Enabled