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Would you like to submit a suggestion or concern to Shared Governance anonymously? If you wish to submit the Issues, Concerns & Suggestions form anonymously, please download this pdf, complete it and mail it via an interoffice envelope to: Michelle Perricone MS #8. Thank you!

Issues, Concerns & Suggestions Web Submission Form Issues, Concerns & Suggestions Web Submission Form
Issues, Concerns & Suggestions - Broome CC Shared Governance

-- The Scope of College Assembly -- "...BCC's College Assemby is a collegial, consultative body composed of representatives from all campus constituencies that will review and advise on the creation, revision, or discontinuation of policy and is not, in and of itself, a decision making body. Its role is to recommend and provide advisory input to the President on decisions related to policy and other issues that affect the institution as a whole. It is the principal and highest deliberative body in the College's shared governance structure." (College Assembly Constitution Preamble, second paragraph, pg. 11) Please Note: The College Assembly does not deliberate personnel or labor/union issues.

Please complete this form and submit online by clicking on the “Send” button. If you wish to submit this form anonymously, through Broome's interoffice mail, please download the pdf to the left.