Arriving in Binghamton

Once you've obtained your F-1 Student Visa, you will need to make travel plans to arrive in Binghamont by the date in your acceptance letter. Arriving by this date allows you to participate in Orientation which includes essential steps like taking your placement test and registering for classes. The information below will help with making your travel plans.

By Air

Three airlines currently service the Binghamton Regional Airport (BGM): US Airways, Northwest Airlink, and United Express. None of the airlines servicing the Binghamton Regional Airport offer direct flights from New York City (JFK), but they do have flights from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; and Washington, D.C. airports. The Syracuse Airport (SYR), which is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes from Binghamton, does offer flights from other airlines and direct from JFK.  For arrival schedules, visit the Binghamton Regional Airport on the web at

If you are arriving to JFK Airport, we have provided additional instructions to assist with planning your arrival to Binghamton. Click here for a print out of helpful instructions.

By Bus

Two bus lines service Binghamton: Greyhound and Short Line. Short Line buses are more frequent and convenient. Bus schedules change frequently, so please check the Short Line website at or the Greyhound website at for the most recent schedule.

Unfortunately, the bus to Binghamton does not leave directly from any New York City airports. You will need to take the Gray Line Airport Shuttle from the airport (Kennedy, LaGuardia or Newark) to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  Reservations are not required for the shuttle to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Vans depart from the airports approximately every thirty (30) minutes from 7:00 AM to 11:30 PM. Upon arrival at the airport, go to any Port Authority Ground Transportation Desk and request Gray Line Air Shuttle to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. You will be booked on the next departure. If necessary, you may purchase a ticket from the driver. The Gray Line Shuttle will transport you to the Short Line Bus Departure/Arrival Track located in the North Wing, 3rd floor.

The trip from the airport to the Port Authority will take between one hour and 1 hour, 45 minutes. However, in planning your travel times, you should allow yourself a full two hours to get from the airport to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The bus ride from NYC to Binghamton should take approximately 3 ½ hours. The cost of shuttle and bus to Binghamton combined should be around $72 for roundtrip and $45 for one-way fare. Please check the websites for current costs.

By Limousine/Taxi

Several taxi and limousine companies provide service from the New York City airports to Binghamton as well as from Syracuse to Binghamton. If you come in a group of three or more people, it may be only slightly more expensive to come by taxi or limousine than by bus! The drive from NYC to Binghamton should take approximately three hours. The drive from Syracuse to Binghamton is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. If you will be arriving with other students on your program and you are interested in this option, please contact our office at least three weeks prior to your arrival so that we can assist you. In order to make a reservation, a credit card number from you or a member of your group will be needed. We can not arrange for group transportation for individuals by taxi/limousine as individual travel arrangement vary.

General Note

Whichever way you choose to travel, please notify the International Student Counselor of your travel plans as well as any changes you may encounter to better assist you in your arrival. You can contact the International Student Counselor by email